Otherwise known as medical needling

Needling is a simple scientifically based treatment for overall skin improvements.

Needling is a regenerative method that improves the complexion of the skin which lends to a natural rejuvenation. Its simplicity combined with the individualized skin care has shown to improve scars, wrinkles, aids in skin firming, improves complexion, and the general appearance of the skin with minimal heal time.

Now, needling has been around for some time, but the tools with which to perform the treatment have improved over the years. Rollers were used and still are but seem a bit barbaric to me. The needling pens seem incredibly safe with disposable tips with no backflow and autoclavable upper portions of the pen where the disposable tips attach to.

There is a trend for at home rollers, but I have a problem with this. It would be difficult to cleanse the roller properly, so sterility is an issue, which can lead to infection and other problems. It is best to have needling done by a professional in a clean setting.

The science behind needling. 

Needling is a method based on the analysis that repeated puncturing of the skins surface with fine needles triggers collagen generation. Basically, it triggers a scar-less wound healing process. Needling introduces fine pricks on the skin causing intradermal hemorrhages or pinpoint bleeding which triggers wound healing systems without causing harmful side effects to the epidermis. The result is regeneration of the skin with the production of new natural collagen and elastin structure and a thicker epidermis. All this with minimal downtime.

Now we understand that needling can create collagen. What can you needle with? Applying key ingredients to the skin before and after treatment can be detrimental. When you apply your products at home to your skin you can get a up to a 3% absorption rate, when you needle you can get up to a 90% absorption rate. Safety first! Complications can occur when wrong products are applied, or allergic reactions occur. If you are not having needling performed in a dermatologist setting and a complication occurs, like an allergic reaction, you will be sent to a dermatologist. So why not just start with a dermatology office.

Let me tell you an example of a possible complication from needling with someone not experienced enough with products or the procedure. Someone can infuse a high dose VITAMIN C causing, inflammation and granulomas. Granulomas are small areas of necrobiotic generation of collagen with surrounding inflammation. Not Pretty! So, keeping the vitamin C dose at a safe level is important. Sometimes more isn’t better. Keep it safe and rejuvenating. C E Ferulic by Skin Ceuticals and hydrating B5 gel is very safe. That being said, you can still run into issues no matter how safe you are.