Besides putting on your antioxidant therapy (C, E Ferulic by Skin Ceuticals) on in the morning, you will need something to help turn back the clock as well. Something with a wonderful study to back up the claims. Defenage Skin Care Trio has a comprehensive clinical trial to back things up. Defenage has this magical thing called “defensins,” in two of the three products.  Defensins are peptides that seem to wake up stem cells at the hair root follicle, but only wake up stem cells that are related to skin repair. So, the repairing starts from the inside out, kind of like a reprograming issue. Defenage can be combined with many other skin care lines. According to the attached study, Defenage helped reduced large looking pores, reduced visible lines, improved skin evenness and pigmentation. This isn’t just a little ol’ study, it’s kind of a big thing.

Why not add C, E Ferulic and Defensins together? Yippee, you can! The 8 in 1 Bio Serum has 5 times the defensins in it, the 24/7 Barrier Cream has 1x the defensins in it. The cream is nice, but the Serum is better.

This is what I do; I apply C, E Ferulic two drops to a cleansed face in the am followed by 24/7 barrier cream. In the evening, I wash my face then apply an eye cream (talk about that later), apply 8 in 1 Bio Serum (sometimes I add a retinol product just before Bio Serum is put on). Seems to work well with my 51-year-old post-menopausal skin. I use a lot less moisturizers then I used to, I think the combo of Vitamin E and defenage has improved the capacity of my skin to hold in moisture. Now this works for my skin, you may need more work, especially if you smoke, lay out in the sun, or have never taken care of your skin at all. Don’t expect miracles overnight, but these products are a good start.