Good morning all,

I haven’t posted anything in over a year, I sooooo apologize.

Today I’m bringing up the issue of trust. Lately I’ve been hearing of the resurgence of “Botox” parties. Usually these are at an off site location of someone’s home or place of business ( not a medical office). Alcohol and appetizers are usually served. The person injecting comes from out of town to make money on a small group of folks. I have a real issue with this for several reasons. One, I don’t think its a good idea to mix alcohol with decision making regarding your face or anything for that matter. Second, injecting Botox is considered a medical procedure and there can be complications. Let’s face it , it’s not like you are having a Tupperware Party.

Injecting Botox or other injectables is a medical procedure and should be done in a medical setting by a medical professional. Another thing you should be asking yourself is, “Do you trust this person”? Can you get a hold of them if something does go awry? What if I faint? These are just examples of unforeseen medical complications, the list goes on. Rest assured if you are in a medical office any of these circumstances can be addressed, promptly. I have spent hours fixing other people’s botch jobs and sometimes it’s not an easy fix.

Let’s look at the cost benefit analysis: Say your husband doesn’t want to pay a professional to trim his trees/yard. So he does the work himself and injures his back. Ends up in the hospital eventually needing surgery. What could have cost maybe $1,500 now is costing $50,000. Sometimes it’s better to put your trust in a professional who performs that service regularly and is good at it. Why put yourself at risk?

Finding an injector you trust, that has the knowledge base to address your particular needs and works in a clean setting is imperative for consistently good outcomes. At our office we have a medical professional on call after hours and on the weekends for urgent situations related to procedures. I have been at the same office for the last 17 years, everyone knows where to find me. I inject everyday.

The next time you search for the cheapest botox or dermal filler, just remember this is your face! YOU CAN’T PUT A PRICE ON TRUST AND EXPERIENCE.