There are four neurotoxins. These four neurotoxins: Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and Jeveau all work the same way. Basically it’s a protein taken from the Botulism neurotoxin and this protein is injected into certain muscles to relax them. This protein works by blocking the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (the messages being sent to the muscle) and those injected muscles relax. It is this relaxation of certain muscles that smooths the forehead or the frown lines, etc…

There are four different pharmaceutical companies creating these neurotoxins, and the proteins come from four different neurotoxins. I have used all four neurotoxins on myself and they all seem to do the same thing and last pretty much the same. I feel sometimes I have to use more Xeomin to get the same result as Botox or Dysport.  Jeveau is the newest of the bunch and seems to do fine so far. I’m thinking though that Allergan (Botox) has been doing it for 30 years , has a great track record, their lab has been doing this a long time and a medical team waiting to answer any of my questions or concerns. Dysport comes in at a close second. My top two products would be Botox and Dysport. Botox seems to be the more expensive out of the bunch but they also have a huge resource system in place as well. Each product has its attributes. It’s really what your injector is most comfortable injecting.

When it comes to finding someone to do your injections the most important thing to consider is how well your injector knows your anatomy. Anatomy knowledge is key to seeking natural and consistent results. Your injector should get to know you and vice versa. Your injector should be very proficient in knowing your anatomy. Talking before injecting is important especially if it’s your first time. I usually do a follow up appointment at two weeks to make sure the patient is happy and there isn’t anything we need to add. Its way easier to add on but you can’t take away. Everything is documented, where, how much, how often, what product etc…  It’s not a point and shoot kind of thing!

I feel like some people shop around for the best price. Really? You really want cheap Botox for your face. Or a person will hop around from place to place and the injector doesn’t get to know your likes and dislikes. Your face is, well, your face. You’ll spend $200 on your hair and maybe $60 for a mani/pedi, and $400-500 on a purse but then want to spend less on your face? Do you really want a groupon for your face?

What it comes down to is just finding someone you are comfortable with, and is available to you for any questions or concerns.